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“Capturing Life thru Art”

Growing up in Los Angeles, artist Stanley Silver became fascinated at an early age with the iconic culture of his home town and American landmarks.  Today Silver interprets his vision of everyday life through his use of watercolor, oil paints and mixed media bringing them to life in a unique and unconventional way.


Silver’s work embraces his surroundings through a unique mixture of contemporary and abstract styles.  He builds up his canvases with numerous layers of paint applying it in various ways to achieve a special look all his own. He captures the magnitude of personality in each of his subjects while including subtle details in his pieces that only a trained eye can discover, giving the piece a deeper meaning than what appears at its surface.


While his recognizable images receive attention from various fans, Silver’s abstract pieces such as his drip paintings and shadow series have been captivating the attention of art aficionados and tastemakers.


Silver’s art has been exhibited in prominent galleries and museums throughout the United States. He has had large installations in numerous stadiums around the country. Hollywood has embraced Silver’s art for years. Silver’s art captured the attention of the set decorators, cast and crew of the hit TV shows, Entourage, Two and a Half Men and Ballers, amongst others. 


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